Versum Materials, Inc. breached its 50 day moving average in a Bearish Manner : VSM-US : June 15, 2017

*Disclaimer : This is as of previous day’s closing price.

Technical Indicators

Below is a quick look at 5 technical indicators for Versum Materials, Inc.. More studies are available on the Technical Chart.

Indicator Signal
Closing Price above/below 50 Day Moving Average Bearish
Closing Price above/below 200 Day Moving Average Bullish
50 Day Moving Average above/below 200 Day Moving Average Bullish
RSI Reading Level (<30 or >70) Oversold
MACD Compared to 9D EMA Signal Line Bearish

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Share Price Performance Relative to Peers

VSM-US has traded publicly for less than a year.

VSM-US‘s shares have traded publicly for less than a year. Over the last one month, however, the company’s share price has relatively underperformed with a return of 2.48% vs. peer median of 5.94%.

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Earnings Momentum

Versum Materials, Inc. has an earnings score of 17.83 and has a relative valuation of OVERVALUED.

Stocks with High Earnings Momentum are a preferred option for momentum plays. If they are undervalued, it can be a further advantage and may indicate sustained momentum.

Earnings Momentum Vs Relative Valuation

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Overvalued, High Earnings Momentum, Undervalued, High Earnings Momentum, UnderValued, Low Earnings Momentum, Overvalued, Low Earnings Momentum

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