Convert your data assets into interesting narratives. Developed over three years by experienced finance and technology professionals, our platform allows you to define, deploy and distribute your generated content.

Comprehensive Company Analysis provides comprehensive company analysis including on-demand fundamental research, portfolio evaluation, and screening tools on over 40,000 global equities. The web portal empowers your investment ideas through in-depth analysis on a company’s (a) performance relative to its peers, (b) accounting and earnings quality, (c) dividend strength, and (d) likely corporate actions such as dividend changes, share buybacks, and acquisitions.
Our innovative stock screener allows you to identify investment ideas using natural business terms and by investing themes e.g. companies likely to increase dividends or those with earnings quality issues – a major advance from existing screeners that use just data and financial ratios. You can also evaluate the fundamental characteristics of your portfolio by benchmarking your investments on multiple fundamental and peer-relative attributes e.g. companies in your portfolio with high quality dividends, with bloated cost structures, etc.

Easy Integration Framework

Developer Connect makes it easy for financial institutions, content providers and media companies to integrate Capital Cube’s catalog of services.
Institutions can use our open standards based API to integrate relevant content to enhance user experience. Developer Connect provides various options for integrating our services:

  • Use gadgets to power portals with snapshots of company information.
  • Use partner connect service to provide a complete application experience without disclosing customer profiles.
  • Use our API to white label the entire content.

Analyst centric compositional environment

Composer is a flexible authoring and knowledge management system for your analysts to easily construct and edit complex logical outcomes. You can fast-track your product and content development by augmenting our analytical content and easily creating your own content as well – with supporting graphics, charts and tables. In addition, Composer also allows you to add new data sources as well, including your proprietary data, and rapidly generate analysis and value-added content.