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Screener Benifit

Find Investment Ideas in Seconds

Investment theme based Stock Screener
And ETF Screener

Discover investment ideas using commonly used business terms and likely corporate actions. You are no longer limited to filters based purely on financial ratios; instead, screen by Valuation Characteristics, Growth Expectations, Dividend Quality, Accounting Quality, and other criteria.

Stock Screener

New! ETF Screener

Over 40,000 global equities
and ETF’s covered!
Analyze Benifit

Access user-based Fundamental Analysis with Assessments of Dividend Quality, Earnings Quality, and likely Corporate Actions.

Scores, insightful narratives and charts make our coverage both comprehensible and comprehensive.

Research a Stock or ETF

Monitor Benifit

Validate Your Ideas

Evaluate your portfolio’s alignment to your investing strategies and assess it’s performance across multiple attributes.

Respond to meaningful movement of companies in the market with our Alert Services.

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Why must I register?

Without your email and a login for you we can’t offer you features like being able to save the results of stock screens you’ve run or alerts on stocks you choose to follow. Registration is Free. Once you’ve registered you can analyze stocks, view their scores, screen stocks and ETF’s, upload your portfolios and much more.

What is the PRO version and why am I getting a free PRO trial?

When you first register with us you’ll get unlimited access to all features on the site for 7 days, in other words, the “PRO version.” It’s our way of showcasing all our reports and some cool features. After your trial, you can choose to either subscribe to the Pro Plan by signing up, or if you take no action at all, you’ll continue as a registered user with access to the Standard Version.

What does the PRO version provide that the free STANDARD version does not?
  • Detailed Reports for Fundamental Analysis, Likely Corporate Actions, Dividend Quality and Earnings Quality are only available to Pro users. Standard Users can view summary information from these reports but not the actual in-depth analysis.
  • Custom Peers: You can customize peers for all stocks, re-analyze with new peers, and save your custom peers with the Pro version. The Standard version limits you to CapitalCube’s auto-generated peers.
  • Enhanced Stock and ETF Screener: Pro Users can access the complete set of results from our Screener! They can also download the results one page at a time.
How do your subscriptions work? Can I change my plan from Monthly to Annual and vice versa?
  • Pro Annual Plan: Over 50% off! We automatically bill you once a year.
  • Pro Monthly Plan: We bill you on a recurring basis every month. You benefit from more flexibility but lose the hefty discount of the Annual Plan.
  • Changing or Cancelling Plans: You can change your plan at any time subject to the conditions of our user agreement. In brief, all upgrades are immediate, all downgrades and cancellations are applicable at the end of the active billing period. You can change your subscription via Account Settings.
Can I use my “Research Soft Dollars” for your service?

Yes. We have agreements with major Brokers and can accommodate new ones. Please write to us at or call us at 1(888)945-5945 to setup a soft dollar arrangement.

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