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All trial users start off with the Pro Plan, which gives you unlimited access to all features of the site for two weeks. This is our most comprehensive plan and allows you to evaluate all the capabilities of the site. You can decide to subscribe to the Pro plan or pick another subscription option at any time.

Which plan should I subscribe to?
  • The Plus Plan is tailored for individual investors who want the same analysis available to investment professionals in a summary form. Plus Users benefit from the same stock scores, pre-defined stock screens, and portfolio analysis tools as other users. Summaries for every stock are available as a Snapshot report.
  • The Premium Plan is best for you if you are an investment advisor. In addition to what is available in the Plus plan, this option provides detailed fundamental analysis reports along with the ability to create unlimited portfolios and perform customized stock screens.
  • The Pro Plan is for investment professionals who want access to everything on the site without any limitations.
How do your “Monthly” and “Annual” Subscriptions work? Can I change my plan?
  • With Monthly Plans, we bill you on a recurring basis every month. Monthly plans give you more flexibility but you lose the discounts available with Annual Plans.
  • With Annual plans, we automatically bill you every year and you get a substantial price break (of up to two months off).
  • Changing or Cancelling Plans: You can change your plan at any time subject to the conditions of our user agreement. In brief, all upgrades are immediate, all downgrades and cancellations are applicable at the end of the active billing period.
Can I use my “Research Soft Dollars” for your service?

Yes. We have agreements with major Brokers and can accommodate new ones. Please write to us at or call us at 1(888)945-5945 to setup a soft dollar arrangement.

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Analysis Snapshot

At-a-glance company scores, performance ratings, and analysis

Fundamental Analysis, Corporate Actions, Dividend Quality, and Earnings Quality information is summarized on a single page for quick review along with the peer-set we’ve generated for our analyses.
  • Discrete scores for Fundamental Analysis and Dividend Quality. The fundamental analysis score is based on detailed analysis relative to peers across multiple attributes.
  • A star-rating system for Fundamental Analysis, Dividend Quality, and Earnings Quality that covers individual attributes like ‘Valuation Drivers,’ ‘Earnings Leverage,’ ‘Dividend Quality Trend,’ ‘Accounting Quality,’ etc.
  • Historical values of company performance across multiple attributes, all charted relative to peers in easy-to-read graphs.

Fundamental Analysis

Gain competitive insight into a company’s performance, growth and operating capabilites relative to peers

We analyze companies by assessing several years of financial statements including the most recent corporate filings, and the previous day’s closing market prices. This comprehensive portrait of a company’s history, operating performance, and competitive landscape provides you depth and color:
  • Does the company have a share price premium? Is it sustainable and justified?
  • Is the current share price based on the company’s operating performance or expectations of growth in its earnings?
  • What strategy is the company following to generate margins?
  • Is the company’s capital investment program sufficient to support growth?
  • How does the company score relative to peers across all of these factors?

Corporate Actions

Anticipate strategic actions a company might pursue

We identify multiple factors (including any operating constraints) that might compel a company to initiate strategic actions including possible changes to its dividend, buying back its shares, and pursuing acquisitions or becoming a target itself. We address the following questions:
  • Is the company management under pressure to act? What are their strategic options?
  • Should the Company reinvest? Should it return capital to investors by increasing dividends or buying back shares?
  • Is the company a potential target for a merger? Might it make an acquisition?

Dividend Quality

Judge the quality of a company’s dividend

Assess the quality of dividends and understand the risks associated with the current level of dividends being paid by a company.
  • Is the company able to pay its dividends from its operating and investing cash flows? Or does it need to raise money to make its dividend payment?
  • Has the dividend quality been consistently high and is that trend under pressure?
  • Is the cash balance sufficient to cover its dividend in the event of a sudden deterioration in operating performance?
  • How does the company score across all of these factors?

Earnings Quality

Evaluate the quality of a company’s earnings and uncover potential accounting irregularities

Examine a company’s financial statements to determine the quality of its operating performance and the soundness of its declared earnings.
Our unique earnings quality reports help you uncover:
  • If the company is making its earnings numbers from sound operating results or by temporarily unlocking reserves
  • If the company is being more conservative or aggressive in its accounting policies compared to the industry; or if the company has off-balance sheet issues
  • The items that have the biggest impact on the company’s declared earnings
Portfolio tracker: Benchmark companies in your portfolio to their peers. Analyze the fundamentals of the stocks in your portfolio and understand what its strengths and weaknesses are.


Analyze your investment strategies with portfolio-evaluating tools

Every stock in your portfolio is analyzed with respect to its peers and scored to give you a consistent, aggregate view.
  • Do the companies in your portfolio align with your investment goals?
  • What portion of your portfolio are companies that have a capital investment strategy that properly supports growth? Is there a company with substandard growth expectations that’s undermining your investment goals?
  • Re-balance and try out an alternative scenario in seconds.
Fundamental Analysis: Gain competitive insight into a company's performance to answer questions around valuation, operations, margins, capital investment…and more.

Stock Screener

Zero-in on investment ideas using common business terms

You now have the freedom to pick out the stock with the right story. We don’t restrict your screening to numbers like P/E ratios, Revenue Growth, Market Capitalization, etc. We’ve embedded the relationships between these numbers and what that implies into our screens. Say you’re interested in finding companies that are potential acquisition targets. The factors to consider include companies with bloated cost structures, excess cash, below peer returns, and others – a fairly complex, multi-dimensional analysis. We’ve set it up so that you can simply search for ‘M&A targets.’ Or find companies that are likely acquisition targets and have tight cost controls with high-long term growth prospects! Or filter for those that made their quarterly numbers by using balance sheet reserves or changing their accounting!
You can screen 40,000+ global equities for dozens of attributes in these categories:
  • Geographical Region, Country & Exchange
  • Sector & Industry group
  • Peer-based attributes like Relative Share Price Performance, Earnings Leverage, Sustainability of Returns, Dividend Quality etc.
  • Company-Specific metrics like Market Cap, Dividend Yield, Net Profit Margin etc.
Simple, Natural and Powerful – Stock Screener makes your search easy.
Customize peer sets to your liking to dynamically change the analysis on Fundamentals, Corporate Actions, Dividend Quality and Earnings Quality.

Customize Peers

Customize the company’s peer set to your liking

Run alternate peer-relative attribute analysis for customized peers and shift focus to new peers with a click.
Customize peer sets to your liking to dynamically change the analysis on Fundamentals, Corporate Actions, Dividend Quality and Earnings Quality.


Respond to meaningful movement of companies in the market

Has a company’s share price performance gone from leading to lagging with respect to its peers? Is a company likely to cut its dividend or increase it? Set up complex alerts with a click and stay informed. Your alerts are generated every day, updated with the latest company filings and closing market prices.
  • Company-based alerts
  • Portfolio alerts
  • Stock-screener alerts based on your screening filters
  • Peer-relative attribute alerts including dividend quality, earnings quality, growth expectations and dozens of other factors
Coverage Map - Stock Analysis For Over 40,000 Equities from 96 countries. Viewable in all five major currencies and filing currency.


40,000 Global Equities

We analyze stocks listed in 124 exchanges from 96 countries in 9 regions of the globe which span 130 sectors in over 20 industry groups. We analyze more stocks than anyone else and all our analysis can be viewed in all five major currencies or the filing currency

Expand Your Investment Research

Unparalleled coverage of global equities

over 40,000 global equities covered

Peer-based Fundamental Analysis with assessments of Dividend Quality, Earnings Quality, and likely Corporate Actions on 40,000 stocks. Scores, narrative reports, charts, and graphs make our coverage comprehensible and comprehensive.

Zero-in on Investment Ideas

Intuitive, investment-theme based screens. Customizable in seconds.

Stock screener

Search for stocks across multiple performance criteria, common business terms, and likely corporate actions. You are no longer limited to filters based on just financial ratios (like in traditional stock screeners everywhere!); instead, screen by your ideas and criteria around Valuation Characteristics, Growth Expectations, Dividend Quality, Accounting Quality, etc.

Gain Insight into Your Portfolio Characteristics

Portfolio Evaluation and Alerts for better decisions


How well do you know your portfolio? Is it heavy on certain attributes? Has your portfolio drifted from its goals? Get alerted to changes in fundamental analysis and investment screens based on the latest corporate filings. Monitor and quickly react to the Market with our Alert Services.